Vice Captains Prize

Vice Captains Prize


Saturday, 23rd June 2018



1st   -      John Swarbrick                  43 pts


2nd -      Martin Hothersall                40 pts


3rd   -      Pete Jolleys                       39 pts (ACPO)


4th   -      Chris Boyles                       39 pts (ACPO)


5th   -      David Waddington              39 pts (ACPO)



There were 32 x 2’s, each paying £5.00. The winners are:


J Couperthwaite, M Howarth, G Hardman, J P Harrison, T Jackson, T Lockwood, T  Orritt, Merv Simpson, N Archibold, A Bond x 2, E Duckworth, A Green x 2, D Hogg, P Jolleys, H Stopwforth x 2, D Taylor, K Whish, A Bolton, D Brookes, M Chandler, S Dix, N Hyde, I Robinson, A Suthers, J Wilson, R Woods, R Yates, M Helm


Nearest the pin on the 9th = Russell Haythornthwaite – 85 inches


Nearest the pin on the 18th = Scott Jones – 46 Inches


They both win £81.50