Welcome to the New Site

We are pleased to introduce the new website! Welcome to you all!

We hope that the more modern design, which will work smoothly on both computers and handheld devices, will allow visitors to have an idea of the fantastic course and facilities on offer, whilst members can access all the essential bookings and club news in just a few clicks.

The thinking in creating the website was to strip down the bloated nature of the old site, by creating a cleaner look and feel, giving concise information to those that want and need it. We have also attempted to shift the focus from text to images, in order to showcase our unique selling point: the course.

There is no denying that it has been a difficult winter, and the course has had to deal with a lot over the last few months. However, there is no doubt that we have a fantastic - often beautiful - course, with Matt and his team doing a great job in keeping it ready for action. In the new website, we have collated images to really try to capture this, to convey what a great day’s golf can be had at Penwortham.

It is important to note that there are many more features to come for the website, and this is by no means the ‘finished article’. However, as I’m sure you are aware (particularly the organisers amongst you!) that time grows short when planning for the upcoming season. With that in mind, we felt it pertinent to engage the new site when we could, rather than waiting and missing vital windows of opportunity.

We are sure that there will be areas for improvement, and we welcome constructive feedback from all. Content will develop over time, but if there are vital bits of information that have been omitted, or if there are major functionality problems, please let us know…we want to fix them!

Whilst there have been changes, some things will stay the same. You’ll see that the links for booking your tee times stay the same and your log in details for BRS remain as they were. There are also some elements of the text in the site that is reminiscent of the old. This is not an oversight – certain aspects of the site needed to be kept the same in order to maintain our search engine optimisation. Google is such an intrinsic element of online life, it’s important to maintain our presence there.

We hope you have a positive experience with the site, and that along with the Club’s social media channels, it can grow into a portal for all your PGC needs.


Management Committee